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Friendship is the relationship between friends. We make friends all our lives from the time we are small rigt up to old age. Friends are special and different from family. We can't choose our family. They are choosen for us when we are born, but we can certainly choose our friend.

We make friends for many reasons. One reason is to have company. When we have friends, we fell less lonely. There is company to talk to, play with or share things with. Children constantly seek out their friend to play games with.

Teenagers seek out their friends to talk to or to hang around with them. Our friends are usually of our same age so they understand our feelings, experiences, dreams, hopes and fears. This is why it is easier to talk to them than to our parents. From my experience, it's perfectly true that teenagers can talk for hours with their friends on telephone and yet give just one word answers to their parents. Old people find it difficult to make new friends because they are set in their ways. This is why many old folks feel lonely

One other reason why people make friends is because they like to be in group or cliques. They don't like to be alone. Sometimes they make friends with specific people because they can help them in some way. So, they make friends for selfish reasons.

During school days, some girls want to be friends with the prettiest, most popular girls so that they can be part of the "POPULAR" group. Some boys want to be friends with star athletes or the top students in the school for the same reason. During working life, some people try to cultivate the friendship of powerful or important people so that they can help them in their career. The reason are all self-serving and selfish. Therefore, these false friendships do not last longer. They are not genuine.

However, real friends are like jewels. They never fade away in times of trouble. They are loyal and true. They are present in both good and bad times. They have our intersts in their hearts. For example, false friends, tell us what we want to hear. However, real friends tell us the truth. When we are going along the wrong path, they warm us. They advise us and sometimes they quarrel with us. These quarrels never last because the reason for them is always care and concern. Real friends like these must be kept and treasured like gems.

Real friendship warms the soul. It lasts all through our lives. Even if friends part for studies or work and do not meet for years, it doesn't matter. The friendship remains strong. It os for reason, for love, care and concern, that friendship is one of the most powerful relationships in the world.




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